C A R O L E    T H O M P S O N
abstraction, colour, geometric symbolism

Carole Thompson         Statement




My work interconnects colour theory, geometry and ambiguous pictorial space. The paintings reference biological life forms, crystalline structures , symbolic languages and metaphysical experiences.


Kasimir Malevich's theories of Suprematism – are of interest to me -one idea in particular is that the journey to abstraction gets to reality ...to what is behind the apparent perceived “reality”. My paintings are about the concept of an abstract narration which occurs in this reality between all elements within the painting creating a dynamic interactive dialogue. One theme this narration metaphorically explores is contemporary life dichotomies. Within a multiple point perspective, contrasts of order/chaos, stillness/movement and connection/separation can simultaneously and exuberantly co-exist.


Also within this perspective I explore ideas of Quantum physics which tells us nothing is still in the Ethers – all is in some form of motion. Within my paintings I attempt to capture this sense of movement - the ever expanding field of consciousness/awareness -that we live inside -the ever present “now”.


My shaped assembled paintings emerged as a result of thinking about this open ended expanding quantum field. My studio process involves an intuitive approach to content and practice. Paintings begin with grids and grounds and evolve into a multi-layering of forms. Imagery reference ranges from the micro of coral life forms to the macro visualizations of theoretical cosmology. I think about colour theories and also respond to random colour interactions. Blocks of colour are also used as a framing device – offering a grounding place. I share Malevich's belief that emotional engagement is required from the viewer in order to appreciate the “composition”. I use colour as an optical sensation to evoke an emotional response which then can act as a portal for viewers to enter the work.


It is my intent and hope that my work operates outside of it's dimensional confinement engaging viewers in an expansive and unique experience of reality.